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Recommended Equipment

Exercise equipment allows you to adapt an exercise to your unique body.

For most classes you’ll want a mat, strap, riser, and possibly a chair.

Yoga Mat

  • Thin yoga mat or bare floor is best for standing exercises and balance.
  • Thick mat may be used for floor exercises, or standing if you desire more cushion.
  • Mats help keep chairs stable for “barre” work.

Resistance Band

  • Assists in stretching and relaxation.
  • Resistance bands, belts, straps, towels, etc. may be used.
  • Resistance bands are available to borrow or you may purchase one for $2.00.

Cushions and Risers

  • Risers: Rolled or folded towels or blankets, firm pillows, foam blocks, books, or even a low stool can all be used as risers.
    • Sitting on a riser helps you to lengthen your spine during seated stretches.
    • When lying on your back, a riser under the head aligns the neck and spine. Use this if your chin is pointing to the ceiling and your head is arched back.
    • Sit-ups: Risers can be used under various areas of your back side to prevent over arching or compressing your spine, or for comfort.
  • A folded towel placed on the seat of a chair can provide comfort during “barre” work.
  • If you feel ankle pain or discomfort when in a butterfly or crossed legged seated position a small towel under the ankles can help.
  • A donut cushion, pillow, towel, or blanket can be placed under the hips during side leg lifts for comfort.


  • Chairs are used in place of a ballet bar for standing stretches.
  • Chairs may be used for balance during the standing portion of a workout. As you improve your balance and strength, try to use it less and less.
  • Choosing the right chair
  • How to use a chair


  • Mirrors are not necessary but helpful for checking alignment.

Please never work through pain or force a stretch. Use equipment to make an exercise work for you!

You won’t need all of these items every class! This is a list of potential tools we may use or that are intended to help you with comfort, aligning your spine and finding your stretch.

A Beginner Guide from with more guidance about props and getting started with Essentrics.

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