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Recommended Equipment

Props are Power!

Strength, flexibility, and range of motion vary by individual and props help you to unlock your potential for movement!

For most classes you’ll want a mat, strap, riser, and possibly a chair.


  • Thin yoga mat or bare floor is best for standing exercises and balance.
  • Thick mat may be used for floor exercises, or standing if you desire more cushion.
  • Mats help keep chairs stable for “barre” work.

Resistance Band

  • Assists in stretching and relaxation.
  • Resistance bands, belts, straps, towels, etc. may be used.
  • Resistance bands are available to borrow or you may purchase one for $2.00.

Cushions and Risers

  • Risers: Rolled or folded towels or blankets, firm pillows, foam blocks, books, or even a low stool can all be used as risers.
    • Sitting on a riser helps you to lengthen your spine during seated stretches.
    • When lying on your back, a riser under the head aligns the neck and spine. Use this if your chin is pointing to the ceiling and your head is arched back.
    • If you feel ankle pain or discomfort when in a butterfly or crossed legged seated position a small towel under the ankles can help.
  • A donut cushion, pillow, towel, or blanket can be placed under the hips during side leg lifts for comfort.


  • Chairs are used in place of a ballet bar for standing stretches.
  • Chairs may be used for balance during the standing portion of a workout. As you improve your balance and strength, try to use it less and less.
  • Choose a chair without wheels. Chair back should be high enough that you can reach it without rounding your back and seat low enough that you can rest one leg on it with ease.


  • Mirrors are not necessary but helpful for checking alignment.

Please never work through pain or force a stretch. Use equipment to make an exercise work for you!

You won’t need all of these items every class! This is a list of potential tools we may use or that are intended to help you with comfort, aligning your spine and finding your stretch. When you position yourself with good alignment you are protecting your joints and are better able to access your strength and balance for speed, agility and power!

A Beginner Guide from with more guidance about props and getting started with Essentrics.

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