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Hi! I’m Melinda Baughman, a fully-certified (Level 4) Essentrics® Instructor located in Greenfield, MA. My goal is to help you unlock your body’s aptitude for movement so that you may pursue the activities you love, find comfort in your body, and perform at your highest level.

“You never regret exercise!” – Marie, Melinda’s Mom


  • Essentrics® Instructor, Fully Certified (Level 4)
  • BARE® Workout Instructor
  • BoneFitTM Trained
  • Stop Chasing Pain, Lymphatic Mojo Workshop Completed

Why the name Spiral Up Work Out?

So many reasons! Here is the beginning of an explanation:

  • The words “up” and “out” reference two key techniques in Essentrics: 1. Pulling Up, which BARE® would call tension stacking or fascial tensioning (a.k.a. tensegrity!). We are using the floor as a surface of resistance and our muscles to tense our fascia to hold good posture and create stability. 2. Pulling Out, a technique used to lengthen the muscles under tension (an eccentric contraction) to strengthen and improve flexibility.
  • Moving in a circular manner is an integral part of an Essentrics workout and beneficial for building strength through our range of motion.
  • Spirals are a shape found in nature and within ourselves!
  • When we enter our 40’s, we can start to feel like our bodies are on a downward spiral. We can reverse some of those change with healthful movement. Essentrics helped me Spiral Up and I hope it can help you, too!

Hope to see you in class!