Essentrics® is full-body workout that dynamically stretches and strengthens your 650 muscles to rebalance your body.

Benefits of Essentrics®:

  • Increase flexibility, mobility, and strength
  • Readjust fascia
  • Strengthen bones
  • Improve speed and agility
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Unlock tight muscles and joints
  • Support injury prevention and help alleviate pain
  • Promotes body awareness

Essentrics® is a unique workout program inspired by the movements of tai chi, the strengthening theories of ballet and the healing principles of physical therapy for a strong, mobile, pain-free body.

With Essentrics® movements we are reaching, rounding, pulling up through our spine, pulling out of our joints. Why? Because our day-to-day movements, our stillness, and our activities all contribute to tight or shrinking muscles that can compress joints leading to pain and restricted mobility. Through simultaneous lengthening and strengthening we aim to decompress our joints, create muscles that are both strong and flexible, and rebuild and release our connective tissue for stability and freedom of movement.

Essentrics® is a fun, safe program for women and men of all ages and fitness levels who:

  • Enjoy a dynamic, full-body workout
  • Prefer strength training without weights
  • Wish to increase flexibility and mobility
  • Have tight hips, back & shoulders
  • Want to increase range of motion
  • Seek a workout to help alleviate pain
  • Run, walk, cycle, garden or participate in other activities
  • Wish to remain active while recovering from injury*

What Level Instructor should you seek?

  • Active individuals without injury seek any level instructor, including level 1 and level 2 instructors.
  • *Individuals of all abilities including those new or returning to exercise, with limited mobility, or recovering from injury seek level 3 or level 4 instructors.
  • Those looking for a customized Essentrics® workout seek level 4 instructors.

Want to see Essentrics® in action or learn more? Check out one of these resources.