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Testimonials for Essentrics® Classes with Melinda Baughman:

“Essentrics® Stretching with Melinda Baughman is amazing! Check her out!” Christa L. Snyder

“That was awesome! Thank you!” Jennifer Farley

“Hockey season finished last Sunday. No injuries this year. In fact, I think I improved agility and endurance!” Peter McLean, Member of Greenfield Triathlon Race Committee

“I use Essentrics® for weights-free strength and flexibility training. It has helped me reverse arthritis in my foot. No more gout! In addition to Melinda’s 60-minute classes, I regularly use the sports-focused warm-up and cool-down workouts via Essentrics Streaming.” – Garth Shaneyfelt

“After practicing Essentrics®, my Boston Marathon recovery was faster than I expected. ” – Francia Vieda Wisnewski
“Essentrics® is an excellent complement to running for injury prevention and range of motion. It rebalances your whole body.” – Nancy Mead

“The techniques have helped me tremendously with two long-term challenges involving joint injuries and helped me to reestablish balance and strength. I could not imagine a more encouraging, supportive and thoughtful instructor to help guide the process!” Jennifer Stromsten

“I appreciate Melinda’s cues. She makes the sequences easy to follow.” Cathy Whitely

“Essentrics® revives your body! I sleep better and have more energy after a class.” Kristin Goodell