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Workout Videos

Short Sequences for during or after work:

5-Minute Essentrics Stretch – Seated

7-Minute Essentrics Stretch – Standing

A note about these videos:

  • Rounded back = tailbone under. Top, front of hip bones tips back and bottom/tailbone tucks under. Try making this movement using your abs in a micro crunch.
  • Straight back = lengthening through the spine. Be aware of hips, not letting the tailbone slide under or top of hips drop all the way forward (overarching).

15-Minute Sequences

Shoulder Relaxation – This one is great after work or before bed!

Hip Stretch – Try these dynamic stretches before or after walking, running, etc. or after driving! If your leg is AT ALL uncomfortable on a chair or it throws off your balance, keep the leg on the floor.

30-Minute Sequences

Beginner/Pain-Relief – This is another good one before bed, after driving, or anytime you want a gentle stretch. With clear cues and a slow pace, it’s a good beginner workout.

Connective Tissue Workout