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Free Essentrics® Classes!

For more, please contact me for live classes or for their streaming service.

Short Sequences

5-Minute Stretch – Seated

7-Minute StretchStanding

15-Minute Sequences

Shoulder Relaxation – Great after work or before bed!

Hip Stretch – Great after an activity! If your are uncomfortable with the chair or it throws off your balance, keep both feet on the floor.

Full Body Activation with Amanda Cyr

30-Minute Sequences

Beginner/Pain-Relief – A relaxation class.

Connective Tissue Workout – This class helps to release tension and stiffness. It’s a great reset for the body.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Series

Breast Cancer Series

Tips for flexing (rounding) and extending (straightening) the spine

  • Rounded (flexed) spine: Try making this movement by gently contracting your abs. Once you’ve tucked your tailbone/tipped top of hips back, envision an ice cream scoop scooping up the front of your body lifting your upper back away from low back creating a shallow arc.
  • Straight (extended) back: Stack ears over shoulders over hips over heels, lengthening through the spine.
  • In both positions, your neck and head follow the line of your spine.
  • Think “up thoughts” trying to avoid sinking into joints.