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Short Foot Videos

All of the videos and blog are from Dr. Emily Splichal, podiatrist, human movement specialist and founder of Naboso and the Evidence Based Fitness Academy. She has lots of great foot information online if you want to do a deep dive. I’ve done her Bare Workout Instructor certification course.

Short Foot Exercises

  • Are You Doing Short Foot Correctly – Blog This is a good option if you’d rather read about it and she links to the 13 minute video above. Also a great picture of the Deep Front Line that is activated during this exercise.

Slightly bend the knee/s for this exercise:

“When we do short foot we create a locking mechanism up the lower extremity.   If you do short foot on a fully extended knee you are essentially locking a locked joint.   This can create shear to the meniscus and create injury to our clients. As the Hippocratic Oath states “thou shalt do no harm” – so I kindly remind you to slightly bend the knees.” Dr. Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, CES

Foot Release