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How to Use Essentrics TV (ETV) Streaming Service

Essentrics streaming starts with a FREE trial! And, has a helpful Beginner’s Guide.

Essentrics works the whole body even if the focus is for a specific zone or condition.

Please note that these suggestions are guidelines for beginning to navigate the site and may not be ideal for everyone. Before beginning any new fitness program, it’s important to get your doctor’s approval.

Where to start for “New to Essentrics or New to Essentrics Streaming”

Intermediate Essentrics students may like:

Please remember to work within your abilities and limits of the day. Mobility can vary day to day! Move within a range of motion that is pain-free and than you can do smoothly and with control. Be aware of your alignment as you move.

Clean alignment will improve posture, protect joints, and ultimately lead to a more effective workout! Watch the following short videos to enhance your Essentrics experience.

(Tucking tailbone or rounding the back = Neutral C.)

Turnout for lunges and plies

Remember to stand on the 1..2..3 points on the full sole of the foot. Photo credit: