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Essentrics Class Pricing

Essentrics ® Flexibility & Strength Class

Sundays 9:30-10:30 a.m.

  • Single class $12
  • 5-class pass $55
  • 10-class pass $100

Essentrics ® Activation Class

Stay Tuned for new class times.

  • Single class $10
  • 5-class pass $45
  • 10-class pass $80

Hybrid Pass

4 Essentrics ® Flexibility & Strength Classes + 6 Essentrics ® Activation Classes

  • 10-class pass $88

Cash, local checks, and Venmo gladly accepted or click “Buy Now” below for PayPal. Passes are valid for one year from purchase date. For Venmo, or an amount not shown in PayPal drop down list, my email is: mdbaughm at gmail. Thank you.

Please Choose an Option

If you have an active pass, I will send you the relevant class link (or links) each week and an email when your pass is full or near full. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you in class!

Rewards Program

  • For every three 5-class passes purchased, receive 20% off the fourth.
  • For every two 10-class passes purchased, receive 20% off the third.
  • Refer a friend for $5 credit toward your next purchase! Please tell me you’ve referred a friend and they must complete a registration form and purchase a class or pass for the credit to be applicable.

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About Sliding Scale

See “Green Bottle” graphic below for guidelines.

Sliding scale is a tool for building economic justice. Ideally, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income. A range of payment options promotes broader accessibility, while ensuring fair compensation to the instructor. The bottles offer a guideline for applying a sliding scale to your unique financial and life experience.

Bottle 1 = Consider paying suggested price or slightly more.

Bottle 2 = Consider paying suggested price or slightly less.

Bottle 3 = Consider paying less than suggested price.

All classes have $5 minimum.

Please let me know which class or pass you are purchasing.

Thank you!

Inspired by Chrissy King. Adapted from Underground Alchemy (no website). Influenced by Embracing Equity and Worts & Cunning. For additional guidelines or to read more on this topic, please visit their sites.