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Essentrics Class Pricing

Essentrics ® Flexibility & Strength Class

Sundays 9:30-10:30 a.m.

  • Single class $12
  • 5-class pass $55
  • 10-class pass $100

Essentrics ® Activation Class

Sundays 8:30-9:00 a.m.

  • Single class $10
  • 5-class pass $45
  • 10-class pass $80

Hybrid Pass

4 Essentrics ® Flexibility & Strength Classes + 6 Essentrics ® Activation Classes

  • 10-class pass $88

Cash, local checks, and Venmo (@SpiralUpWorkOut) gladly accepted or choose an option below for PayPal. Purchases are valid for one year from purchase date.

Please Choose an Option

If you have an active pass, I will send you the relevant class link (or links) each week and an email when your pass is full or near full. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you in class!

Rewards Program

  • For every three 5-class passes purchased, receive 20% off the fourth.
  • For every two 10-class passes purchased, receive 20% off the third.
  • Refer a friend for $5 credit toward your next purchase! Please tell me you’ve referred a friend and they must complete a registration form and purchase a class or pass for the credit to be applicable.

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About Sliding Scale

See “Green Bottle” graphic below for guidelines.

Sliding scale is a tool for building economic justice. Ideally, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income. A range of payment options promotes broader accessibility, while ensuring fair compensation to the instructor. The bottles offer a guideline for applying a sliding scale to your unique financial and life experience.

Bottle 1 = Consider paying suggested price or slightly more.

Bottle 2 = Consider paying suggested price or slightly less.

Bottle 3 = Consider paying less than suggested price.

All classes have $5 minimum.

Please let me know which class or pass you are purchasing.

Thank you!

Inspired by Chrissy King. Adapted from Underground Alchemy (no website). Influenced by Embracing Equity and Worts & Cunning. For additional guidelines or to read more on this topic, please visit their sites.