How Does a Sliding Scale Work?

Suggested class cost is $12.00 each or $55/pass. A pass is good for 5 classes.

Bottle 1 = Consider paying suggested price or slightly more. ($12-$15/class or $55 -$75/pass)

Bottle 2 = Consider paying suggested price or slightly less. ($10-$12/class or $45- $60/pass)

Bottle 3 = Consider paying less than suggested price. ($5-$10/class or $25-$45/pass)

More about Sliding Scale

Don’t stress! The scale is a guideline. You know your unique financial and life experience.

A sliding scale is a tool for building economic justice. If implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income. A range of payment options promotes broader accessibility, while ensuring fair compensation to the instructor.

Sliding scales are often based on individual income levels, with people of higher incomes paying more. However, many factors affect our financial status. Some have costs that the larger population does not. Others have access to resources that are not always reflected in their lifestyle choices and income levels.

Adapted from Underground Alchemy (no website). Influenced by Embracing Equity and Worts & Cunning. For additional guidelines or to read more on this topic, please visit their sites.  

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