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Can Essentrics Make You Faster?

We think it does! Before my husband Garth’s 5K on Saturday we did a 30-minute Essentrics fascia release workout. He normally runs about a 6:45 minute mile and in that race he averaged 6:10 miles finishing 8th overall (out of about 1,000) and first in his age group. He averages three Essentrics workouts of varying lengths each week

Dynamic stretching is an excellent warm-up that can increase power, speed, and agility before an activity*. You may have heard not to stretch before a workout and that is true for static stretching. Static stretching, or holding a stretch, weakens muscles when done as a warm-up**.

Essentrics is a form of dynamic stretching that has been practiced, and evolved, since 1997. Essentrics simultaneously stretches and strengthens all 650 muscles for balanced flexibility and strength. Stand-alone workouts may also be used as a warm-up helping to relax and lubricate joints, increase heart rate to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, and move your body through its range of motion.

The workout we did pre-race is called “Rebalance Your Connective Tissue.” It’s an Aging Backwards Connective Tissue workout on ETV at I like this one in the morning because it leaves me energized and has a segment for hip mobility, which is handy for runners.

*Why Pre-Workout Stretching is Actually Dangerous” by Brock Armstrong

**”Stretching: The Truth” by Gretchen Reynolds

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